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For over 60 years, Mazziotti Bakery continues to use the traditional methods of Old World style recipes to make our Italian Bread. Combine that with our scratch-made cookies, pastries, pies and cakes from the finest ingredients we can find, you are certain to find a flavor suited just for you. Pair that with anything made with our award-winning butter cream icing, you'll find a favorite for everyone on your list.


Our breads are handcrafted with flour milled from hard wheat and has an especially high protein content, making it high in gluten.  It is blended by our baker with low-gluten flour to give it strength and elasticity.  The result is a hard crusty exterior and a cotton-like inside to form the perfect match.


Our Bakery

In 1958, in Arnold, Pennsylvania, Nicola & Carmella Mazziotti began to bake what soon became "The Best Bread in the World."


Mr. Mazziotti could be seen around the A-K Valley delivering bread from his station wagon. The recipe and tradition they developed has been passed down and now Mazziotti Bakery, with it's current retail store in Lower Burrell, has become a full service bakery specializing in breads, cakes, cookies and Italian pastries.



Owner, Carlo Cimino

"Mom, I think I'm going to buy a bakery." That is what Carlo Cimino said to his mother, Sondra, in 2016 when Mazziotti Bakery went up for sale. Later that year, on November 18, 2016, the bakery opened at 2807 Leechburg Road under his ownership. Carlo currently is the head chef at Knead Community Café in his hometown, New Kensington. If you stop in to Mazziotti Bakery, you are sure to be greeted by a member of Carlo's family.  

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