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Everything's Fresh Here at Mazziotti Bakery.

Fresh Italian Bread

Our Bakery

In 1958 in Arnold, Pennsylvania, Nicola and Carmella Mazziotti began to bake what would soon become "The Best Bread in the World". Their recipe has been passed down and, now with it's retail store, has become a full service bakery specializing in breads, cakes, cookies and Italian pastries.


Our Italian Bread

Since 1958, our breads are hand-crafted with flour milled from hard wheat and has an especially high protein content, making it high in gluten. It is blended by our bakers with low-gluten flour to give it strength and elasticity. The result is a hard crusty exterior and a cotton-like inside to form the perfect match.

Mazziotti Bakery

What our Customers Say about

"We absolutely love Mazziotti Bakery. Their cakes and pies are amazing! They look great and taste great!" 

 -Christina L., Jan 10, 2021

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